[4] EDUCATION & ADOPTION: Expert Staff Augmentation

updated on 28 February 2024

Future Tech Deserves Future Operating Models

Realizing the benefits of modern analytics platforms like Databricks requires a transition to a future state operating model. Taking advantage of new discoverability, data agility and trustable data only happens when the people operating and using these systems understand the new way of working. 

You don't need to do it alone.

Look for partners that can augment your internal team with experts that have been through implementations many times before, and have deep hands-on platform experience. 

Below are examples of flexible assistance models that T1A has used in the past to help ensure smooth adoption of new tools.

Flexible Staffing Model Examples

  • Embedded Databricks experts across multiple agile pods, responsible for building data products
  • Provided an additional layer of post-go-live safety and certainty with a pool of monthly support hours for the first 90 days. Included SLAs based on severity of issues
  • Provided leadership with development and testing of multiple MVPs, with responsibilities for internal teams increasing at each iteration

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